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CovPass app: Easily verify EU Digital COVID Certificate

The CovPass app

A Digital Vaccination Record in just a few steps

Download the CovPass app now and use your smartphone to show an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Compatible from iOS version 12 and Android version 6

What the CovPass app can do

  1. 1 Scan "EU Digital COVID Certificates"

    Transfer the "EU Digital COVID Certificate", which you have received from the issuer on paper or on screen, easily to your smartphone via QR code.

  2. 2 Display QR code

    The CovPass app displays the QR code as proof of Corona vaccination or recovery from a Corona infection. If required, you can also download the certificate as a PDF document from the app and print it out.

  3. 3 Presenting EU Digital COVID Certificate

    Let the person checking your status scan the QR code in the CovPassCheck-App.

Are you a restaurateur, service provider or planning an event?

Check the COVID certificates of your customers and guests securely, quickly and easily.

Easy. Secure. Paperless.

With the help of the CovPass app, all citizens can prove a Corona vaccination as well as recovery from Corona infection at any time. Please be aware that the CovPass app can only read certificates (i.e. QR codes) that meet European requirements. For example, a German-language vaccination certificate can be identified by the heading „Digitales COVID-Zertifikat der EU" ("EU Digital COVID Certificate" in English).

How the CovPass app works

  1. 1

    Store your EU COVID digital certificates

    Open the CovPass app. Press the blue plus icon and scan the QR code of your certificate. The certificate will be downloaded to the smartphone along with the QR code. The most recent certificate is always displayed on the app's home page. You can also save certificates from other people, such as family members.

  2. 2

    Check certificate validity when traveling abroad

    If you are planning a trip, you can use the CovPass app to check in advance, without obligation, whether your certificate is valid in a certain country. The entry rules of the selected travel country are taken into account.

  3. 3

    Show the QR code when needed

    Have the QR code in the CovPass app scanned by the examiner. Please have your identification document ready.

Download the app for free

Compatible from iOS version 12 and Android version 6

Ein Stapel Dokumente, der zusammengebunden und mit einem Schloss gesichert ist.

Your data stays your data

You are the only one who decides when you show your digital vaccine record and who you show it to.

  • Data stored locally

    Your full data is only ever stored on your smartphone.

  • Data minimisation and security

    The QR code only contains a minimum amount of data, in accordance with EU specifications.

  • Cryptographic security

    The data in the QR code is secured with a signature, preventing forgery.

CovPass-App Logo Corona-App Logo One record, two possibilities

Show your vaccination certificate easily with the CovPass app or with the Corona-Warn-App.

Do you have questions?

  • Am I required to use the CovPass app?

    No. You can decide for yourself whether you want to use the CovPass app. Using it is voluntary. The aim of the CovPass app is to verify EU Digital COVID Certificates quickly and securely. You can delete the app at any time. If you delete the app, all of the information saved on the app is removed from your smartphone. Alternatively, you can prove your COVID immunity with the printed vaccination certificate or the yellow vaccination record.

  • What QR code can I scan with the CovPass app?

    The CovPass app can only scan vaccination certificates (QR codes) that meet European specifications. These certificates are titled "EU Digital COVID Certificate". They are issued by vaccination centres, doctors’ practices, health departments and pharmacies. Other QR codes that are issued in connection with COVID-19 vaccinations (e.g. invitation codes for a vaccination appointment, proof of vaccination that does not meet European certificate specifications) are not designed for the CovPass app and are not recognised by the app.

  • Where is my data stored?

    When the EU Digital COVID Certificates are created, your data is collected once by the issuing body (vaccination centre, doctor’s practice, pharmacy) and transmitted to the RKI for signing. The data is then deleted immediately. When you add the EU Digital COVID Certificate to the app, your personal data is only managed locally on your smartphone.

  • How do adults and children get the digital EU Digital COVID Certificate?

    All vaccinated citizens can receive an EU Digital COVID Certificate if desired. This certificate is issued in vaccination centres, medical practices, health departments or pharmacies. Bring proof of your received COVID vaccination(s) or your yellow vaccination record and an ID document to receive your certificate. A separate certificate with a QR code is issued for every single vaccine dose.

    On you fill find participating pharmacies.

    Recovery certificates are issued by medical practices, health departments and pharmacies.

    Test certificates are available at test centres and medical laboratories. These can be converted into EU certificates via the Corona-Warn-App.

    Children must identify themselves with their own official photo ID (student ID, children's ID card or children's passport) or with their birth certificate and their parents' identification documents.